Beautiful Smile Guarantee

When you make an investment into your smile with cosmetic dentistry, you want to obtain the characteristics that elevate your appearance. The last thing you want is for your smile to look the same after dental treatment, or worse. Yes, that is a possibility, but not with Dr. Moeckel. We guarantee it!

Dr. Moeckel has undertaken advanced cosmetic training. This means that she has spent a great deal of time perfecting her craft. She recognizes that every person wears a different smile, and that what works for one person may not work for another. To create the most attractive smiles, she considers everything from your personal preferences to your complexion, facial shape, and features. She does not wait until the work is done to assess its success; she evaluates proposed changes throughout the makeover process. The checks and balances that are in place ensure that you will love your new smile. Until you do, no permanent changes are made.

How Our Smile Guarantee Works

Dr. Moeckel performs a thorough consultation in which you are welcome to show images of smiles that you find attractive. During this visit, you discuss the details that you would like to see in your smile. For instance, whether you would like your teeth to create an even line, or would prefer some teeth to be slightly longer than the others. Once your preferences have been identified, Dr. Moeckel uses imaging software to create a smile preview. Observing this image together, you and she can make any changes that you would like.

After approving your smile preview, a wax-up of this design is made in Dr. Moeckel’s dental lab. When this is returned, Dr. Moeckel will assess the model for accuracy. If she is not fully satisfied with this temporary restoration, she will send it back to the lab for additional modifications. Once she approves the appearance of the provisional smile, you will be able to wear it for several days. There is no better way to know if you love your new smile than to live in it! If, at this time, you would like changes to be made, they will be ordered from the lab.

After you have fully approved of your provisional smile, permanent restorations will be made. You get to try on this final work and observe your smile in the mirror so that you can make a confident decision to have restorations bonded to your teeth.

Although it is not common, there are instances in which the final restorations are not perfectly in line with the patient’s preferences. If you are not completely happy with your new smile, we continue the process until you are. No restorations are bonded to your teeth unless you love them!

If you would like to perfect your smile, schedule your consultation with Dr. Moeckel at (858) 452-1504. You can also request an appointment by filling out this form, and we will call you.