Meet Dr. Moeckel

  • Dr.
    Marie Moeckel

    Treatment Philosophy

    Dr. Moeckel’s priority is in saving natural teeth and tooth structure. Detecting problems early is the key to saving teeth, enabling patients to be proactive in preventing disease progression.

    Because the marriage of overall health and dental health are important, she strives to help patients understand the link between dental disease and systemic diseases. Dr. Moeckel prefers to partner with her patients, by educating them so they are able to make the best decisions regarding their treatment and helping them to create manageable long-term plans. Integral to her practice is removing barriers to dental treatment and alleviating any dental anxiety.

    “Creating functional and beautiful smiles brings me great joy. The idea that I can prevent patients from future dental deterioration and be a part of a new wave of dental treatment that helps people grow into their later years with a healthy, youthful smile is exciting.”


    • Moorhead State University
    • The University of Minnesota School of Dentistry

    Memberships, Awards, and Credentials

    • Member of the California Dental Association (CDA)
    • Member of the American Dental Association (ADA)
    • San Diego Dental Society
    • Spear Faculty Club
    • CEREC Docs Mentor
    • Heartland Study Club Outstanding New Member Award, 2009
    • Who’s Who in Dentistry
    • Mini residencies in:
      • Pediatric Dentistry
      • Sleep Dentistry
      • Advanced ProsthodonticsAll-on-4 Treatment Planning
      • Invisalign
      • Oral Surgery
      • Implantology and Implant Placement

    How She Decided to Become a Dentist

    Dr. Moeckel grew up in Fargo, ND. Her stepfather played an integral part in her life. It was watching him and his practice that inspired her to become a dentist. “My stepfather’s practice was a great place of employment. His staff was loved and well cared for,” she said. “I want to create that kind of environment here. I want to practice dentistry at a level that exceeds his wildest dreams while keeping that genuine connection to the community and the team supporting the cause.”

    Life Outside Her Practice

    Dr. Moeckel is married and has two boys. Both are water polo players and have creative personalities. They’ve also inherited her late mother’s cat, a very active Bengal, which keeps life at home exciting. She and her husband enjoy traveling, triathlons, and running events. In fact, part of their decision to relocate to San Diego was the climate. It gives them the ability to work out in all disciplines year-round. Dr. Moeckel also enjoys writing, photography, creating art, and cooking.

    Dr. Moeckel is a second-generation dentist with a passion for delivering exceptional care while helping her patients achieve their best dental health. She is able to diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases utilizing the latest advancements in dental technology. Dr. Moeckel has been creating restorations with Cerec technology for over ten years and has spent years mentoring others adopting the technology at the CDOCS institute in Scottsdale, AZ. Utilizing CAD/CAM design, she is able to craft same-day restorations that are strong, beautiful, functional, and long-lasting.

    By using the latest in digital scanning technology with Itero 5D, she can also detect cavities without radiation, compare changes in dental conditions over time, and easily simulate ideal smile designs for every unique patient. Dr. Moeckel has been an Invisalign provider for over six years and has been recognized as a premier provider in the San Diego area.

    Through the use of advanced techniques, she is able to deliver accelerated Invisalign treatment to help patients achieve beautiful and functional smiles in the most efficient manner possible.

    When it comes to philosophy, Dr. Moeckel believes that the best dentistry is no dentistry. However, when required, her goal is to deliver minimally invasive care. Utilizing advancements in composite technology, Dr. Moeckel can craft natural-looking smiles without removing healthy tooth structures. She has trained directly underneath pioneers of minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry and is currently pursuing accreditation with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

    Dr. Moeckel has a passion for oral surgery and has focused many years of her career on implant dentistry. Through a mini-residency with Implant Seminars including hands-on surgical experiences at the Fundación Dr. Garg in Santo Domingo, she obtained membership with the International Dental Implant Society. Along with surgical skills, she also focused her path on surgical protocols combing CT scans with digital models to plan ideal restorations for each unique case.

    Dental health, sleep disorders, and temporomandibular diseases are all intimately connected, and Dr. Moeckel has taken many advanced courses to ensure she is delivering care taking all of these factors into consideration. Through membership and continuing education within the Spear community, she has advanced her understanding of treating the entire mouth and underlying disease to restore healthy, functional smiles that will be long-lasting.

    By assessing the patient from a holistic approach, Dr. Moeckel crafts the ideal dental journey for each patient, empowering them to reach the best smile they can achieve.